9 Stroke Singles – Rudiment/Groove

Drum Rudiment: 9 Stroke Singles

Here the 9 stroke ruff is applied around the drum set. For examples like this, I’m thinking of the time signature of 3 or a waltz if you will. As stated before, my approach to rudiments is based from time and groove not stickings. You may count this as RLRL RLRL R and alternate it for rudimental application, but it’s my recommendation to think about not thinking, meaning just feel the pulse and feel and improvise within that feel rather than counting notes. (For rudimental application I teach to feel the 9 strokes as a meter of 5). By doing this you will begin to train your mind and internal clock to respond to rhythm before rudimental stickings. My students are trained to be able to take any drum set rhythm and create a hybrid rudiment from it. Any genre. Any time signature.

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Drum Rudiment: 9 Stroke Singles