Speed, Power & Precision PT. 1

Speed, Power & Precision PT. 1 – 4 strokes on the rack tom, 4 strokes on the snare drum and then 8 strokes split between the snare and floor tom incorporation drumming crossovers. Drum fills as demonstrated in this blog and the next are most commonly inspired from musical application. These types of single stroke roll fills are often heard in rock and metal music. It’s important to understand that control is what enables one to be able to execute these types of fills and at the speed demonstrated. Speed is a result of technique as is control. So while technique is imperative for complete drum set facility, if control is not as much or more of a focus than technique… The playing will suffer due to a lack of cleanness. If it isn’t clean (regardless of tempo) its of very little value.

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Insane Speed with Drumming Crossovers