Flam Crossovers PT 2

1/4 note to 8th note- Flam Crossovers Sprints. The following example (based from alternating flams) is a powerful multi-purpose exercise for developing upper body agility, fluidity, endurance and accuracy. In Flam Crossovers PT 2, I add in the bass drum where I am working on playing alternate single strokes between the hands and feet while simultaneously developing the upper body agility, fluidity, endurance and accuracy as explained in PT 1. Quoting a previous blog where I introduced flam crossovers while working on drum set independence:

“Alternating flams are one of my favorite rudiments to play, and was one of the first stickings I mastered, along with the single and double stroke rolls. As discussed before, these three rudiments are the key building blocks for a drummer’s vocabulary because every rudiment is based from them.

The following example demonstrates pushing the envelope with independence, focusing on lateral limb independence. I use alternating flams, and cross stick them around the drum set over my triplets in 15/8 ostinato. It is an excellent way to test my accuracy, balance, coordination, endurance, power and ability to play fast. I used this in solos of the past quite a bit due to the visual aspect. However, flam crossovers are a secret I have taught about single strokes for many years.

This video also provides accurate insight into the “upper body torquing” I spoke about in my master technique videos. The end goal was to mimic a boxer to the best of my ability and torque my upper body to the point that when I moved from drum to drum, it would resemble a boxer throwing a punch. Power, Precision, Speed etc. The lateral movements are also similar to the motions boxers use when jumping rope. For part one of this application, refer to my “Alternated 16th Note Triplets” video.
Note – The fastest possible way to move from one drum to the next is – (One note per drum…) and doing so is a completely different type of “speed” than playing multiple notes on one drum.”

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