The Davis Method

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Hand Technique for Drums. – I designed my hand and drum set technique to be able to fully express myself as an artist on the drum set free of any limitation. I never wanted technique or a lack thereof to ever be a hindrance to my self-expression, but rather an enhancement to achieve an end result of maximum performance.

The following 11 videos highlight a few of my techniques and summarize my approach.


* Breakdown of the three contemporary drumming hand techniques – French, German & American. Pros and cons of each grip/technique, as well as tips for traditional grip.

* French grip versus German grip and the pros and cons of both techniques. Natural and relaxed elbow placement for drum set application. Insights that if followed and implemented correctly, will drastically and instantly reduce and relieve tension and stress in the wrists, forearms, and elbows. Ergonomically correct approaches that preserve energy and promote efficiency of motion. Shoulder roll for music application derived from the Jazz and Funk genres.

* Fundamental insights into the drumstick, including why a drumstick is tapered and how that affects weight distribution. The balance point of the drumstick and how to quickly discover it by deferring to basic music theory. Achieving correct leverage. Allowing the drumstick to work for you.

* Insight into how I approach using practice pads for developing hand technique and the one key focus for developing complete drum set facility. Analysis includes: Snare drummers vs drum set players. The difference between the two drumming approaches, styles and techniques as well as the motions required for each discipline. How and what to practice.

* How to develop a solid and signature backbeat. How to properly strike the center of a drum. Vertical alignment of the drumstick for pronounced pronunciation on the drum set. How and why technique affects feel and overall sound. Creating consistency for recordings and live performance.

* How traditional grip is derived from French Timpani grip. How to build strength and endurance through non-finger controlled exercises that rely on and are a result of Pronation and Supination – The fundamental technique for The Davis Method. How to use single stroke taps as well as double stroke diddles to develop the traditional grip fulcrum. The importance of finger control and the significance of the thumb and how both refine any chosen technique/grip.

* The difference between alternating triplets and a true single stroke roll. Not relying on accents and rebound for clarity, control, power, and speed. The Moeller Technique – Pros and Cons. Stroking every note. Revisit efficient elbow placement. Finger control and accenting utilizing The Davis Method. Minimizing motion/reserving energy. The most popular drum rudiment for drum set application and music.

* The secret and truth for developing master technique. My personal approach to drum technique. Focus on playing clean. Quality vs/over quantity.

* First two steps for properly setting up the drum set/”from the ground up” concept. Strike a drum correctly to effectively extract and protract maximum tone. Analysis/analogy of the bass drum beater in comparison to hand and drum set technique and how the two correlate. How to build your sound and technique from the drum set.

* Upper body analysis. Importance of elbow placement restated. Demonstration and explanation of how the torquing motion of the upper body (the lats, shoulders, and back) are key for drum set mobility.

* The Davis Method – 5 part, pronation and supination based technique, with a french timpani grip.

The Davis Method enables and ensures:

*Agility *Endurance *Strength
*Accuracy *Finesse *Longevity free of injury
*Cleanness *Fluidity *Equal ability with both hands
*Control *Power *1000+ s.p.m. ability
*Dexterity *Precision
*Dynamics *Speed

When a drummer has developed all of these fundamentals to a proficient level they have, in my opinion, achieved complete hand and drum set facility.


Watch 11 videos:

Breakdown of the three matched grips – French Timpani, German Timpani and American Grip Fundamentals for achieving complete drum set facility with rudimentary demonstration
Introduction into The Davis Method Elbow placement and upper body torquing
Drum set ergonomics, drum head attack, the advantage of the rimshot and developing your own sound Slicing the snare drum and forming a vertical line through technique to ensure a solid backbeat
How to replicate pad proficiency around the drum set French vs German (drum set evaluation & application)
 Drum Stick Analysis The Moeller Technique and the single
stroke roll
Application of Traditional Grip utilizing The Davis Method