About Seth

SETH DAVIS. Author, Clinician, Composer, Speed Champion, Writer and Performance Artist. Seth has established his name worldwide as a drumming virtuoso by possessing exceptional abilities in solo and musical performance.

Davis has pushed the envelope of physical endurance demonstrating superb technique, amazing accuracy and extraordinary speed and power, as well as impeccable timing and insane independence. His break through the typical mental boundaries highlights his unique and innovative mental training which utilizes- Self Hypnosis, Selective Meditation and Creative Visualization.

His leadership through example and commitment has inspired countless worldwide. He is dedicated, disciplined, devoted and passionate. All of which, only add to the master teacher who has tutored students in 148 countries.

















Davis’ hand and drum set technique – The Davis Method – his mental training, and overall approach to the instrument are revered by many as some of the most unique, innovative and powerful drumming ideologies.

Seth’s students have attained their individual goals by coming to an accurate knowledge and deep intuitive understanding of complete drum set facility as a result of studying and implementing his mental and physical regiments and philosophies.

However, the beauty of these mental philosophies and methods is they are not limited to only drummers or musicians. People from all walks of life are able to apply Davis’ inventive and ingenious concepts to believe and achieve their personal goals in any aspect of life.

EARLY CAREER: Seth Davis is a self taught musician that started playing drums at the age of 6. While never participating in the school marching band, Davis’ musical abilities were showcased through solo and music performances during school talent shows. These early experiences assisted him in becoming a live performer. Because of being born and raised on the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana, he had the opportunity to be exposed to a city full of music history. This led to Seth starting his professional career in his mid-teens, eventually performing 500 – 750 shows with various artists in the downtown area of New Orleans, known as the French Quarter. Seth started teaching master classes and drum clinics in 1999.

GAME CHANGING MOMENT: In 2002 he started becoming recognized on a worldwide scale by being ranked as one of the top ten fastest drummers in the world by the WFD – The World’s Fastest Drummer Organization. Davis set multiple speed rankings and world records from 2002-2004, then started co-hosting the competitions from 2005-2006 with world’s fastest drummer champ Mike Mangini. These events took place in Nashville, Los Angeles and Indianapolis at the world’s largest trade show for the music industry, NAMM.

RECORDING & TOURING: From 2005-2007 Davis joined the Berklee based prog band, Abigail’s Ghost. He wrote and recorded all drum arrangements for their debut album – Selling Insincerity. His clinic tour was cut short in 2010 when he was approached by New Orleans Metallers – Exhorder. Davis toured with Exhorder from early 2010 to late 2011, performing classic songs from the band’s two albums – The Law and Slaughter in the Vatican. Artists that Davis has shared the stage with, teaching master classes and clinics include – Chris Coleman, Dom Famularo, Mike Mangini, Chip Ritter, Derek Roddy, Danny Seraphine and Chad Wackerman. Alan White acknowledges Davis’ unique approaches to hand technique and rudimental facility, and has utilized some of the concepts with his own students.