Seth’s Secret

In the early stages of my career, I would train for 6-8 hours a day on average, sometimes more. My formula for success back then was- Repetition equals results because proper physical practice is important and necessary to develop the muscle memory needed to perform proficiently on the instrument.

However, through diligent study and self analyzation, I discovered that mental training was the missing link in my drumming approach. After coming to this realization, I started incorporating self hypnosis, selective meditation and creative visualization with my physical training and practice routine. The implementation of the mental method, combined with a passionate physical practice routine has proven to be the most effective and efficient way for me to reach my drumming goals. One must train the body and mind. philosophy-2

Brain Waves: Altering my brain waves to an Alpha state was the first step of my secret. When the rhythm of my brain is operating in Alpha, my mind is in the ideal state for optimal performance and super learning. My analytical skills are heightened, thus making it easier for me to comprehend complex compositions and retain newly learned information. Operating in Alpha also helps trigger my imagination, elevates my level of creativity and improves my problem solving skills.

Self Hypnosis: Self-hypnosis is a recurring, conscious state of mind that provides me with a heightened state of focused concentration. I utilize this part of mental training exclusively while behind the drum set during practice sessions. While in this state, my mind is able to clearly, and quickly receive the drumming suggestions I present it, and both the mental and physical aspects of training are deeply embedded into my muscle memory simultaneously.

Selective Meditation and Creative Visualization: Selective meditation enables me to completely empty my mind by focusing on a single object. I focus on not focusing, if you will. Once this altered state is achieved, my brain waves are operating in Alpha and my mind is calm, focused and ready to be trained. Through the creative use of visualization, I am able to use my imagination to create what I desire to accomplish in drumming, and in life. In essence, I’m programming my subconscious mind to accomplish the required tasks to reach my desired goals. I accredit my fast track system to success to these invaluable tools and the key advantages they offer.

Reduced Repetitions: Reduced physical repetitions occur as a result of increased mental repetition. What would normally take 15-20,000+ reps to master, can be achieved in half, or sometimes less than half of the usual amount of time needed to properly ingrain muscle memory of the aforementioned mental training if applied correctly and consistently. Mental training combined with the necessary physical training provides a more effective and efficient way to reach individual goals, in my opinion.

Seth’s Secret: Publicly Released- March 15, 2015