The Davis Method

I designed my hand and drum set technique to be able to fully express myself as an artist on the drum set free of any limitation. I never wanted technique or a lack thereof to ever be a hindrance to myself expression, but rather an enhancement to achieve an end result of maximum performance.

My blueprint was to manufacture a method that mimicked a fine tuned, well-oiled precision machine, capable of performing whatever tasks required. I meticulously examined the mechanics behind my method where once completed, I would have obtained, in my opinion, the ultimate hand and most important, drum set technique.

Just as a machine consists of multiple moving parts and its motions transmit energy into a useful form, so does my 5 part technique. The 5 moving parts in the machine I refer to in my method are the shoulder, the bicep, the forearm, the wrist and the fingers. The foundation for my method was created by utilizing pronation and supination. It can be compared or likened to a mitered hinge, which is a hinge at 45 degrees, which acts as a torque converter, taking the rotation from the shoulder and bicep (vertical aspect) and transfers equal rotation/torque down through the forearm, wrist and fingers (horizontal aspect.)

A torque converter in a vehicle is similar in its concept. It transfers rotating power and torque, from the motor, through the transmission, that turns the driveshaft which is connected to the rear end. (Vertical aspect) It then rotates the axles (horizontal aspect) which turn the wheels of the automobile enabling one to move forward. The upper body is an equally important and a necessary part of my technique because it is used for lateral movements around the drum set. The torquing motion of the lats, shoulders and back of my drum set regiment inspired and eventually spawned my 5 part hand technique. Please note, because my method is French based, finger control is a very natural part of my specific technique.

The Davis Method enables and ensures:

*Agility *Endurance *Strength
*Accuracy *Finesse *Longevity free of injury
*Cleanness *Fluidity *Equal ability with both hands
*Control *Power *1000+ s.p.m. ability
*Dexterity *Precision
*Dynamics *Speed

When a drummer has developed all of these fundamentals to a proficient level they have, in my opinion, achieved complete hand and drum set facility.


Watch 11 videos:

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