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DAVIS DRUM BEATS are avant-garde rhythms rooted in South Louisiana culture. Creole cadences based on the swing, the shuffle, and vertical and horizontal time—highlighting Seth Davis’ Houma, Louisiana heritage, the feel of its bayous, and one of the world’s most historical and progressive music cities. New Orleans.

DAVIS specializes in rhythm trade secrets, fusing drumming and music. I.e. Ambient-Prog, Afro-Blues, Cuban-Funk, Funk-Rock, Jazz-Metal, Latin-Metal, Progressive Polyphonic, Nontraditional Swing, Reggae-Rock, Swamp-Sludge, etc. 

DAVIS DRUM BEATS are non-textbook-based study and experience of life rhythm. Organic, primitive approaches and methods for arranging and composing rhythmic communication based on innate individuality and intuition. 

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