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iNsAne DRuMming™

bEwARe — if you are entertained and inspired by: (cover songs, cheap and degrading girl-drummer videos, mediocre musician’s reaction videos, overplayed overplaying based on unmusical chops, regurgitated rhythms, or sellouts to the mass of the rhythmically illiterate), stop reading… my website, videos, and book are not for you.

…psycho’logical rhythm studies to ask “why” — technique tactics for awakening rhythmic consciousness. 

my drumming derives from dream-state, creations of the imagination; conceptualized in alpha-state. like dreams, my cadences are condensed conundrums, otherworldly, insane at times; similar to brief broken dream-states that live out as everlasting entropy in the rhythmical randomness and reality of life.

rhythm riddles, puzzle pieces, not necessarily to be solved, framed, understood, or liked.

however, to run away from our dream is to run into our nightmare. so… if one’s mind creates rhythmic roads to travel through the arrow of time, I say, let us make the journey a creative one.

Insane Drum Book

jUst cAuse

iNsAne DRuMming saved my life from mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse, providing sanity in an insane world. as an advocate against abuse, i speak for those who cannot or will not… on, and more importantly, off the instrument; pushing personal and professional limits of expression. wELcoMe To mY wOrLd. -sEth

if my drumming or writing inspires you, consider contributing to a reputable charity against abuse.

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